See, what Mothers and Visitors have to say about our centre:
Open, inviting, light, beautiful textures, smells wonderful, provokes my curiosity, respectful of children’s voices, lovely spaces and places to be.
Jacinta Bartlett
Monash University
It was lovely to visit such a wonderful place! Respectful of children’s ideas. Impressions: Light, Textures, Nature, Warmth. The children who attend this center are indeed very fortunate!
Dr. Jill Robbins
Senior Lecturer, Monash University
If there were classes for big kids (30 and above) I would enroll!
Lam Yishan
Researcher / Consultant, UNION
It has been a great and open experience where parents and teachers can provide feedback and communicate both formally and informally. I don’t have to worry about how the kids are doing in school as I know they are in good hands. The teachers are really dedicated and truly understand the needs of young children. My kids enjoy the day as there are always engaging hands on activities. What stood out is the project based learning where kids can learn and infer from real life examples and experiences – eg visiting a cobbler and learning all about shoe making turns into a math measuring lesson, etc. This makes learning fun and interactive.
Min-erh Mah
Mother to Matthias