Our Environment

We strongly believe that the environment is the third teacher and a large part of our work is to create a space that speaks to each child. Our teachers value an environment that is aesthetically pleasing, provocative, challenging, encourages relationships and communication and provides for movement and individual space.

Our school environment offers a variety of spaces – spaces that are small and large, inside and outside, high and low, public and private and quiet and loud.

Our spaces offer possibilities of ownership – even when the children are not around, you have a sense that the space belongs to them, from the work exhibits that are in progress, their names and pictures, their messages to one another and their family photographs. All these provide a sense of their personalities, values and preferences.

Above all, our spaces provide a sense of belonging for our children and show their links between themselves as individuals and their worlds – their friends, their group, their school, their families wherever possible, their community.


Each classroom is outfitted with spaces that promote small and large group learning. They offer learning opportunities with basic materials such as paint, clay, blocks and literacy instruments.

  • Easel Painting, Manipulative table and Library

  • Work/ Craft/ Research Table

  • Clay Table

  • Literacy Centre. Here, the children are writing letters to their farmer-teacher Ms Debbie

  • Learning by Blocks

  • Different types of blocks, along with loose/ natural materials

  • “Look at my aeroplanes!”
    Light and shadow exploration

Our outdoor spaces provide learning opportunities with basic materials such as water and sand. Play is an important concept in our school and we embrace play opportunities that work with our Singaporean weather!

  • Gardening

  • Playground

  • Sand Play

  • Water Play

  • Water Play

  • Sand Play

A precious space in our school, the art studio is stocked with exciting and amazing materials that come in useful with project learning. Our school artist is always an inspiring resource, and is on hand to work with the children as well as with our teachers in curriculum and project planning.

B2T started its own edible gardening curriculum in 2014, and took part in Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution programme! We plant vegetables and fruit with our children, and introduce to them the concept of “farm to table” from an early age.

  • Watering Plants

  • Going around our school on a sensory walk. Feeling the coconut leaves.

  • Observing and painting plants

  • Observing and painting plants

  • Setting up an experiment to see if the selected plant survives in water or soil.

  • Our farming team creating passion fruit and pumpkin teepees for our children to hide under!