After more than 25 years of combined teaching experience in Singapore, our founders have cultivated an approach that we call The B2T Way. The four cornerstones of our work are:

Bilingual Project Learning

High Quality Teaching


Beautiful Environment

We celebrate the use of basic materials (sand, water, paint, clay and blocks) within a number of learning areas:-

1. Project & Play

2. Language Arts

3. Mandarin

4. Math

Math learning at B2T is experiential and connected to real life. Here, in one of the lessons on learning to tell time, the 6 year olds are designing their own clock that they can bring home. A true experience of ownership in learning!

6 year olds are designing their own clock

Estimation game with the 5 year olds. “I love Math class because I like to play games.”

5. Studio Art

6. Gardening

7. Science, technology and engineering