Beliefs and Mission


*Meaningful Education = Meaning in Learning

We are deeply inspired by the Reggio Emilia schools and believe that each child is competent and capable, and eager to form relations with the world. We believe that through the project approach, we are able to increase a child’s ability to investigate ideas and co-construct knowledge, skills and concepts actively in the learning processes of language and visual arts, mathematics, physics, as well as life skills such as relationship building, self-awareness and confidence. The exposure to small and large group work allows children to learn to collaborate and communicate in the learning process. To prepare the pre-schooler for meaningful and confident experiences in formal education, we interweave focused and exciting enrichment of languages and math within the emergent curriculum (a curriculum that builds on the interests of children).

*Quality Education = Quality in Guiding

Our highly qualified teachers are equipped with skills and abilities to formulate a constantly evolving curriculum that is tailored to each child’s needs and progress. We advocate for extensive documentation as a means of negotiated learning (as opposed to teacher-directed learning, by having children determine their learning goals and processes) as well as a form of curriculum development. Our documentation methods include video and audio recordings, teachers’ observations and photography. We value interaction and learning in small groups as we believe this provides opportunities for individual and group learning.

We believe that learning is a lifelong project and we want to make children’s ideas, hypotheses and theories visible. We believe learning can come about by their discussing, reading, drawing, dramatising and documenting their ideas. Learning by doing is of great importance, and revisitation of ideas and experiences are emphasised.